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We went to Divisoria yesterday with nicole, kerwin , heidi and rissa. For those who don't know Divisoria it is a cluster malls and road side stalls located in Manila Philippines, where you can bu different kinds of items for a very low price. You can also sight a fake make-ups inside the 999 and 168 mall. I AM NOT promoting, endorsing nor encouraging my reviewers and readers to go and buy fake makeup.

I don't have a plan to shop either because i am saving my money. I planned to get along with since I was invited by Nicole. But, I decided to spend 500 Pesos only for these cute items.


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Hi Girls, I know some of you are dreaming to have a white and flawless skin, I do too. But I don't haha. I admit that I had a skin imperfection, some parts are dark and sometimes I dont have a courage to wear mini shorts because of my an even skin tone. 

Today's review I just want to share my experience using Belo Intensive Whitening BB Body Cream Spray with Kojic Acid + Tranexamic Acid. To achieved a gorgeously, flawless and natural glowing skin is the combination with Belo Intensive Whitening BB Cream & Belo Intensive Whitening Bar Exfoliating or non exfoliating.Yes. I use the Belo Whitening Bar for about one week and I can say that it lighten my skin and BB Cream as well. 


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I am a BB Cream user for years with different brands. My curiosity hits me when I heared about Belo BB Cream with Kojic Acid + Tranexamic Acid. It has SPF 50 PA ++++ and tone correcting as well! I am really excited to try this BB Cream, because it's  Belo! People, mostly ladies go gaga about Belo products. And I must admit! I am one of them. Haha.

I first saw this BB Cream available in Watsons & SM Dept. Store, I was attempted to buy but I also wanted to try first before I buy. It happens that I already bought mine in Lazada before Smpleroom sent me one for me to try. (Thank you Sampleroom)

LifeStrong Hairfix - Keratin Straigth Leave on Hair Spray

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I am always looking for a hair products that has keratin because of my dry and freezy hair cause of yearly rebonding.
When I heard that this is 55pesos only I immediately buy and spray the product onto my hair to test and to my surprise! my hair became smooth, shiny and lessen the dryness. Bought mine from Watson Ph.
This is a Keratin Straight Leave on hair spray, formulated with keratin that replenishes the nutrients of the hair, making it shiny and straight. Enriched with Argon Oil that helps improve hair elasticity and smoothen rough hair from the brand of Life Strong Hairfix. product suggested by @lynidanan  
The Packaging is really simple and sophisticated, I don't know if its bronze or gold haha lol. Its comes with spray pump bottle for hassle free-use, the lock is secured you would always bring it whenever you want to go, very light weight and 
I can say that the packaging is really cute for me ha. 💕

Body in Bloom - Ice Cream Treats Review

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Hi girls! its skin care time. I am really into skin care lately, I limit my self buying make-ups and spending 30% on skincare.

For today's reviews is about Ice Cream Treats from Body in Bloom, I am not familiar in the brand and I am not sure if this a local brand because it says at the back of packaging is imported by Life Strong Marketing Inc. Caloocan City Philippines.
I found it that you can buy this at Watson any branches, I know they have a lot of skin care boxes or gifts box.

NEW iWhite Korea BB Holic Everyday BB Cream Review

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Hi, guys who are excited about this new little cute BB Holic Everyday BB Cream? of course meee!!! I was I really excited when iWhite Korea released their BB Holic Everyday BB Cream in a container or Tube, from 4ml to 25ml isn't amazing?  It comes with two shades - Light & Beige, Its claims to give a natural looking coverage and provides the benefits of both skincare and makeup. Its perfect for everyday used with over 10 plants extracts to ensure that your skin is taken care of while looking refreshingly beautiful

Mt. Mariveles Tarak Ridge - My first major hike

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This happened last January 7-8, 2017. I apologize for the late post.

This is our first major hike for this year and my first major major mountain. We panned it a month ago with Lokal Outdoors Adventure. (Yah that's what we called it, & this is my group lol) Travel time to Mariveles Bataan is about 3 hours from Cubao, but as always it's depends on traffic. Anyways you can ride a Bus in any transit that can take you to Brgy. Alas Asin Bataan, the Brgy Hall where you'll have to register is just a few step from waiting shed. Registration fee is 40PHP/person. From Brgy. Hall you have two options, you can take a tricycle or walk to Aling Cording's house the only house at the jump off. A tricycle ride will cost you 150PHP and if you choose to walk will take you roughly around 30 mins. You need to register your name in Aling Cording's log book once you arrive on her house. Registration fee is not necessarily required but you can give a monetary donation. She is famous among hikers, she's 68 years old but still strong on her age, she is living at the small hut at the foot of the mountain with her families I guess. She also had a little store were you can buy a snacks of food and she's so jolly women. (Okay enough for introduction lets proceed na okay? lol haha)

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