LifeStrong Hairfix - Keratin Straigth Leave on Hair Spray

I am always looking for a hair products that has keratin because of my dry and freezy hair cause of yearly rebonding.
When I heard that this is 55pesos only I immediately buy and spray the product onto my hair to test and to my surprise! my hair became smooth, shiny and lessen the dryness. Bought mine from Watson Ph.
This is a Keratin Straight Leave on hair spray, formulated with keratin that replenishes the nutrients of the hair, making it shiny and straight. Enriched with Argon Oil that helps improve hair elasticity and smoothen rough hair from the brand of Life Strong Hairfix. product suggested by @lynidanan  
The Packaging is really simple and sophisticated, I don't know if its bronze or gold haha lol. Its comes with spray pump bottle for hassle free-use, the lock is secured you would always bring it whenever you want to go, very light weight and 
I can say that the packaging is really cute for me ha. 💕

As you can see i have a dry hair, as I said a while a go i always had a hair rebond yearly. I applied the 

Keratin Straight Leave on hair spray on my hair like this, I spray evenly for more control and definition, I'll make sure that it didn't reach my face. It has a smell, like shampoo or conditioner and I think I already smell this before. 

I love the result of this product on my hair, Thumb up! (Sorry for the low quality of the image)  Yes, I am sting planning to buy soon for my extra, I would recommend this for those who are looking for a hair treatment & straightening for the cheap price.
Final thought is Awesome.  💕 That's it for this review, If you found this really helpful please comment and share me your thoughts, I would love receive positive & negatives comments. If you want to check the demo of this product you may visit me on my YouTube channel link below.
Thank yous o much for reading, Please keep in mind, Love each others.
Love Cessang. 

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  1. looks like a great product!