Body in Bloom - Ice Cream Treats Review

Hi girls! its skin care time. I am really into skin care lately, I limit my self buying make-ups and spending 30% on skincare.

For today's reviews is about Ice Cream Treats from Body in Bloom, I am not familiar in the brand and I am not sure if this a local brand because it says at the back of packaging is imported by Life Strong Marketing Inc. Caloocan City Philippines.
I found it that you can buy this at Watson any branches, I know they have a lot of skin care boxes or gifts box.

I bought this in our company bazaar for only P 89.00, so I have no idea how much is this in Watson and the reason why I bought this because its vanilla scent, I love vanilla scent even my perfume is vanilla.

The packaging is really cute, nice combination of pastel colors that's and it has a pop art of sorbets  why it caught my attention.

The packaging is really cute, nice combination of pastel colors and it has a pop art of sorbets that's why it caught
my attention. It contains six products - Body Lotion, Shower Gel with pearl,  Hand Soap, Hand Cream and Body Scrub.
These three products is in a cleared bottle with and very lightweight you can bring one of this in your make up kits or traveling bag. So here is the instruction and additional information's.

Body Lotion -  Applied it to your body and gently massage onto the skin it to maintain soft and smooth skin, apply as needed to helps keep my body soft by sealing moisture deep into the skin as well. Savor the moment with this enriching formula, crafted with the scent of yummy vanilla sorbets.

Shower Gel with pearl - Pour small amount onto the bath puff. Lather over your moist skin and rinse off with water. It cleanses and nourishes your body while keeping it smooth and supple.

Hand Soap - Pour a pea-sized amount of soap onto your dry hands the rub it gently and rinse with water. It cleanses and protect my skin from disease-causing germs.

Hand Cream & Body Scrub is one of my favorites in these products, it really gives me smooth and nourishing. I would suggest these product for you, its really affordable and worth it. (If you love the scent of vanilla)

Hand Cream - Massage gently over your palms, wrist and fingers to maintain soft and smooth hands. Hand Cream is a luscious treat to the skin. Oozing with yummy scent of vanilla sorbet, this addictive hand cream leaves your skin soft and moisturized for hours.

Body Scrub -  Massage onto wet skin in circular motion. Rinse thoroughly with water. Pat dry with towel. It gives my skin nourishing beads and help remove dead skin cells.

That's it for this today's review, I hope you enjoy reading it, if you do give a comment below and don't forget to follow me.
I hope to see you on my next review, you can watch my video review on my you-tube channel.

Always remember:  Love each Other :)

Love Cessang ♥

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