We went to Divisoria yesterday with nicole, kerwin , heidi and rissa. For those who don't know Divisoria it is a cluster malls and road side stalls located in Manila Philippines, where you can bu different kinds of items for a very low price. You can also sight a fake make-ups inside the 999 and 168 mall. I AM NOT promoting, endorsing nor encouraging my reviewers and readers to go and buy fake makeup.

I don't have a plan to shop either because i am saving my money. I planned to get along with since I was invited by Nicole. But, I decided to spend 500 Pesos only for these cute items.

Mermaid-Tail Brush | 150PHP | 168 Mall

Every makeup junkie is posting their own set of the mermaid-tailed brush in Instagram. Crafted by The Mermaid Salon and Australian-based brand.

The brushes had a mermaid fin metallic handles which I got mine in Rose gold color. The  brush is perfect for powder application, highlights and Contour. I think it also perfect for BB Cream application. It has a semi-firm concentrated brush and haft oval shade, really soft and really love this one. I can't tell that this is the original one because I can't identify which is original and fake lol. There's some fake or imitation of this in Divisoria Malls.

YES for this chi-bi or chubby mermaid tail brush. It doesn't matter weather this is fake because, it is just a brush, it didn't stay long on your face unlike fake make-ups.

Black Highlighter Brush, bought this at 168 Mall  for 100 Pesos ($2) only. I was amazed when I saw it because of the size, its really BIG and fluffy textured of brush. It is perfect for the highlight and I am loving it. Kerwin suggested it to me.

I also bought a Beads, because I am planning to use on my brushes handles I saw it in some beauty blogger. Lucky the price is not expensive.  Rose Pink Square Beads | 1/4 for 65 Pesos ($1.30).

Address: 794 Ilaya,  Manila Map Site | Phone: (02) 242-8144 | Instagram

If you are planning to buy fur, for a low price? Manco (Mcm) Trading will saved your budget, the store located outside the malls but part of Divisoria.

Beauty bloggers are using fur rug as backgrounds of their photographs. If you are Instagram addict and your motto is #feedgoals. Fur is always recommended for a backdrop to get a perfect snap. Not necessarily, you can always be creative when it comes to you style feed.

Thanks to my friend Nicole, who invited me to get along with them in Divisoria I bought my first fur rug with cream roses style for 100 Pesos ($2) only in haft yard at Manco Trading. The cost of fabric depends on the style or design. The design I picked is worth 200 Pesos ($4) per yard, but they also give haft yard per fabric.

I bought two sport shorts, I'm planning to use on my Akyat Bundok (Hiking) . I really like the colors I picked, cute and its really suite on my style. The fabric is silky and comfortable. I bought these for two pieces in 150 Pesos ($3). You got to items for one price, the slogan here in the Philippines is "2 for 150".

So that's it,my 500 pesos ($10) is worth it. I got six items, I din't have a chance to buy what I really wanted because I am in a budget but these items makes me happy. I will try my best to save money and prepare myself for the next Divisoria Haul. Hopefully, more low price items to show with you guys.

Thank you so much for reading, always remember Love each others.

Love, Little Cessang

500 Pesos Divisoria Haul | Youtube

The majority of items featured on my blog I buy myself, with my own money unless otherwise states. 
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