NEW iWhite Korea BB Holic Everyday BB Cream Review


Hi, guys who are excited about this new little cute BB Holic Everyday BB Cream? of course meee!!! I was I really excited when iWhite Korea released their BB Holic Everyday BB Cream in a container or Tube, from 4ml to 25ml isn't amazing?  It comes with two shades - Light & Beige, Its claims to give a natural looking coverage and provides the benefits of both skincare and makeup. Its perfect for everyday used with over 10 plants extracts to ensure that your skin is taken care of while looking refreshingly beautiful

About the packaging, it comes with a black and white print it's really looks simple, nice and professional. Same design and print from sachet and it has a logo in front, you can see the ingredients and claims at the back of the packaging. It only cost you around P 159.00 only.
iWhite Korea BB Holic Everyday BB Cream contains these active ingredients:
Niacinamide, Aloe Barbadensis, Leaf Extract, Portulaca Oleracea Extract, Citrus Paradasisi (Grapefruit) Fruit Extract Adenosine. (It's always give me a hard time to read these ingredients lol haha)

As you can see, this is what my face looks like. Please don't laugh. I have these horrible acne and some pimples mark from my monthly period.

I applied the BB Holic Everyday BB Cream on haft of my face, as you can see it gave me a lighter, smooth and semi flawless skin. Btw I used the Beige shade.

This is how it looks like when I applied it all over my face, It did correct my skin tone but didn't completely get rid my pimples mark and acne. I can say that its gave you a dewy finished looks but its feel sticky whenever i touch my face. I also need to apply a powder or loose powder because i have a bit oily skin. I noticed that the BB Cream is kind of watery and slight runny whenever I applied it on my face and it has a scent, like sweet fruits .

I already have a first review about this BB holic Everyday BB Cream on my YouTube channel, and I know it wasn't perfect because it was my first video review. In term of longevity, yes it last the whole day. I don't need to re apply the BB cream on my face, I just need to put a loose powder, because as I said a while ago I have a bit oily skin.

My thought about this product doesn't change at all, its always gave me a perfect light and smooth finished looks. This is my favorite product from iWhite Korea so, I always recommended it to those girls or women who doesn't want to wear heavy make-ups and who has a minor skin imperfections or wants a light coverage, its really suite on morena's skin as well.

Good Job for iWhite Korea, for releasing this BB Holic Everyday BB Cream in a tube or container, I can put it on my bag without worrying a bit of mess like in the sachet.

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Love Cessang

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