I am a BB Cream user for years with different brands. My curiosity hits me when I heared about Belo BB Cream with Kojic Acid + Tranexamic Acid. It has SPF 50 PA ++++ and tone correcting as well! I am really excited to try this BB Cream, because it's  Belo! People, mostly ladies go gaga about Belo products. And I must admit! I am one of them. Haha.

I first saw this BB Cream available in Watsons & SM Dept. Store, I was attempted to buy but I also wanted to try first before I buy. It happens that I already bought mine in Lazada before Smpleroom sent me one for me to try. (Thank you Sampleroom)

Anyways the products claims instantly covers blemishes and imperfections skin with no make-up look. It also whiten your skin and reduces the appearance of stubborn dark spot with Kojic Acid + Tranexamic Acid. It protects your skin against age-accelarating UV rays so you don't have to worry walking under the sun because it has SPF 50 PA ++++, it also evens out your skin tone and achieved flawless natural finish.
I bought mine in Lazada for PHP 349.79, I got the shade of medium to deep. There's no variety shades of this BB Cream, its only one shades so you don't have a choices.

About the packaging, its really simple and looks beautiful, you can see the theme of Belo Essential, it has a white color at the top, silver, orange near bottom, and gold. It contains 50mL per tube. At the back of packaging you can see the ingredients.

This is what the BB Cream looks like in my wrist. I had a dark skin tone and the BB Cream looks too light on me. It also has a smell like soap and lotion, its really nice and refreshing it also has creamy consistency but not watery or runny texture.
My face without Make-up, Please don't laugh at me haha. I have pale and uneven skin tone.
I used my fingers to blend the BB Cream on the haft of my face and planned to use sponge on the other haft. I just wanted to know what better tools could I use to applied this BB Cream aside from fingers. As you can see the shade didn't match on my skin tone & its too light on me. :( If you want to achieved the semi matte finish, use your fingers to blen the BB Cream.
(Then, using sponge on the other haft of my face.)

Using Sponge: I really like how sponge turn this to no make-up look and flawless Its really simple and i am loving it. You can see the difference between the two ways I used on applying this BB Cream on my face.

Using Fingers: As I said a while ago, the shade didn't match on my skin so I don't recommend this BB Cream to dark skin complexion like me. The finished looks using my fingers still beautiful and flawless as well but don't want my face looks super puti naman this!! I prepared sponge. 
Then I blend the BB Cream using sponge in my whole face. If you want to achieved the no make-up look, you can use your sponge or beauty blender.
Setting my face using Nichido loose powder in the shade Pink Glow. Btw I have oily skin in forhead are to my t-zone.
If you want to know long this BB Cream last on my face you can visit my YouTube channel for The Application and Demo. 
Link below.

Overall and final thoughts about this product, its really nice to have a BB Cream from the brand "Belo" because we know that this is not only a BB Cream, it also has a whitening formula and SPF 50. Although it didn't cover my dark spot and blemishes but made my other pimple marks not too visible. I was hoping this BB Cream will help for me in terms of shade, I hope they had another shades for dark skin type. I like how the finish looks on my face using sponge. I love how it looks simple and the promise of no make-up look.

• Affordable.
• Lightweight.
• Lighten my dark spot/simple marks.
• High SPF.
• Perfect for light to medium skin complexion.
• Minimal scent.
• Flawless Natural Finish.

• Only 1 Shade.
• Shade doesn't fit to morena's skin type.

• Use your fingers to apply for the semi matte finish.
• Make sure you have a clean and dry fingers before applying.
• You can also use your sponge to apply the BB Cream, to achieved the natural no make-up look. (Like what I did)
• You don't need to re-apply the BB Cream after an hours, you can always use your powder.
• For oily skin, you can use your prepared setting powder with oil control. 
• Blend it properly.

Will I repurchase?
YES. Definitely.

To Whom I recommend this to?
Work best in light to medium skin complexion.

Where t purchase and how much?
It cost Php349.75 pesos and available to all local drugstore, SM Dept. Store, Lazada, and you get a free sample from Sampleroom.

Thank you so much for reading, you can follow me on Instagram for the daily life update lol haha. and please subscribe to my You-tube channel for review application and demo.

 Always remember Love each Others. ♥

Love Cessang ♥

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