It almost ends of 2018. It has been tough and crazy years for my beauty blogging hobby, Crazy in a good way. As a small-time beauty blogger, I didn't expect recognition and brand partnerships, and doing this as a hobby and praying that somehow or some brand will appreciate this blog. There's a lot of good news comes this year and I am really proud to myself despite having a job, I can still manage to maintain my blog, and thanks to the brand who trusted me.
Blogging is my "me time" whenever I am alone, I write and share reviews, I don't treat this as work because this is not the main source of my income. I love doing it even if its extremely time consuming and honestly tough and expensive hobby haha!

Consistent on Creating Content

I admit! I am forgetful and too lazy that result of not having a post in two weeks. That's really bad and I really wanted to change it, and challenge myself to be more consistent.

Share more Lifestyle Post

I enjoy adulting, I love doing something that I haven't done before when I was a teenage girl. Like, fixing my room, gardening, collecting pillows and buying furniture haha! I would like to share my lifestyle on my next blog post.

Improve my Beauty Products Photography

I spent so much on Pinterest, seeing lots of beautiful shot and good angle of beauty products really inspire me to do it on my own photo, for my blog and Instagram post. It's really challenging for me because I don't have a filter and I am not a photographer, but I really want to produce a good photo quality for my readers and for myself.

Fashion Blog Post?

This is not me. Not my niche, I don't know how to style neither to pose like a fashion blogger. BUT I wanted to try :)

See you on my next blog post :) 
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