ALLUPBIO EGGRO Luxury High-Quality Face Egg Mask Review

Something Luxury comes last 2 weeks and been using this EGGRO Luxury High-Quality Face Egg Mask. Charis always has a Korean indie brand to offer with gives provide an effective result and health benefits.

Epithelial Cells - Nourishes the skin leaving it smooth
Arbutin - Whitening ingredient that inhibits tyrosinase and prevents skin deposits of melanin pigment
Adenosine - Effect on elasticity and wrinkles, nourishment through moisturizing and healthy skin maintenance

Its come with a black pump bottle with gold lining and very luxurious looks. The packaging is kindly heavy and easy to pump.

EGGRO Luxury High-Quality Face Egg Mask Review
120ml and priced for Php1,830 (Originally priced for Php2,100) 

When it comes to consistency, the face mask is creamy in color grey, it's clear once applied. It also dries quickly and you will feel it on your face because it has a light-tight feeling, its smooth and matte effect on the face.

What I love after using the EGGRO Luxury High-Quality Face Egg Mask
My face looks fresh and healthy after using the Eggro Face Egg Mask. It minimizes my pores and lightens up a bit. I also love how it exfoliates, my skin because if the egg extract but don't have egg scent. I am not sure if this really effective in improving or treating acne since I don't have acne when I tried this mask, also I don't see any I improvement on my dark spots. This mask is really good on exfoliates the skin and brighten.

What I don't like is the scent, though it doesn't smell Egg, I don't like the scent of the mask. Overall, I love how it cleans my face. This can be used night or daylight depends on your skincare routine. Definitely, a great mask that has a high ingredient and does provide good benefits on the skin.

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