How to Prepare for Valentine's Day with EOS Lip Balm

How to Prepare for Valentine's Day with EOS Lip Balm


For those who are beauty product enthusiasts and want to incorporate that passion into the holiday of love, you may want to jump on the EOS Valentine's day card trend. EOS fans have been sharing Valentine's day cards with cute quotes that relate to certain EOS lip balm flavors. Pinterest has a number of different template ideas for cards that will work well with an EOS lip balm. Here are some Valentine's day card ideas created by the company.

Valentine's Day EOS Cards
Valentine's day cards are a fun tradition that allows you to express love, friendship, and appreciation to your loved ones. What better way to show your love to your loved ones than with your favorite beauty product stuck on your Valentine's day cards. Here are some of our favorite on-trend EOS Valentine's day card ideas.

Apple of My Eye
This card idea says: You're the apple of my eye, Valentine!" and a red EOS is used as the apple shape on the card. The card has a small stem and leaf drawn on it for the top of an apple. This quaint little card is a clever way of sneaking in an EOS into the design.

Sweet Cupcake
This Valentine's day card idea has a cupcake on it and the message: "You're Sweet, Valentine!". A pink or a red EOS can be placed on top of the cupcake. This idea is one of the most popular EOS Valentine's day cards.

Owl Card
This simple card design is an owl with a heart tummy. In the middle of the heart, you can place one of the EOS. You can opt for any color that you prefer. Perhaps you can choose one to match the feathers of the owl.

EOS Lip Balms You Could Add to Your Valentines
The lip balms that you use for your EOS cards is up to you, but there are a few lip balms that are more in line with the color scheme of Valentine's day. Here are a few recommendations for you to choose for your cards.

Dazzling Ruby Tint
The dazzling ruby tint EOS comes in a deep red container. It's perfect for the apple of my eye card. This one also comes in a beautiful ruby tint for lips, so it's a combination of a lip balm and a lip tint.

A percentage of sales from this (RED) EOS lip balm are donated to HIV and AIDS research. The Red lip balm is in the flavor pomegranate raspberry. The color for the containers is a raspberry red hue.

Strawberry Sorbet
A fan favorite is the Strawberry Sorbet EOS lip balm. The Strawberry Sorbet EOS has the flavor of a frozen Strawberry sorbet dessert. The container is a light pink color that is perfectly suited for Valentine's day cards.

Hibiscus Peach
If you have friends who are vegan, you could use one of the crystal EOS on their card. The Hibiscus Peach crystal lip balm is in a very pale pink color that would look fitting on your Valentine's day cards.

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