I'm not a hypocrite to say that I never complained. I do and It happens to everyone, and it's okay to be a short-tempered every once in a while. However if you feel like negativity is always your daily visitor in life- this post might be perfect for you.

By constantly reminding yourself to be more positive, you will become a much happier human being, I am not expert here to give advice but these are what I did when I've been bullied, received negative comments from my colleagues, complained all negativity comes in my life. 

These are the step I always remind myself and helps me to eliminate negativity for good.

Always be Grateful.

Always be grateful for the things that are happening in your life instead of comparing your success to others way too often & that's not OK. Stop doing that right now and focus on your happiness. Always remind yourself of the good stuff in your life and always be good to everyone.

Always learn to appreciate people around you & don't forget to be thankful. Find a way to meet few people very well is much better thank knowing everyone. If you have a best friend, boyfriend, you can talk to them and share your experience and cheer them up, you can also do that in your family members.

Always Believe in Yourself.

Learn to appreciate the work you do, don't slack, don't be disappointed, don't think too much, be positive. You are precious and God's love you, if you don't believe in yourself, then who will? Focus on the positive side and be a good example to everyone.

Avoid Toxic Relationship.

Sometimes it's better to be alone than to give your time to someone that's not worth it. Yes, I do experience negative people. People around us have an extraordinary impact on our daily lives. My best friend always taught me to learn to say NO to people that are using you. Being selective is OK. If you want to be more positive, surround yourself with like-minded and positive people.

Don't be afraid to fail.

We can't control what will happen in our daily basis, but you can control how you act when something bad happens, as I said earlier you should strive to always look at the bright side or positive side. Stop blaming others if something doesn't go according to your plan, try to find another way to reach your everyday goals. You're the one in charge and you can turn every failure into success. 

If we don't fail, we don't learn.

Positivity Is A Choice.

In every start of the day in our life, It's up to us to decide what attitude we're going adopt. Get rid the negativity in yourself first & make a decision to be a more positive person. Promise yourself to eliminate negative approach for at least a day, then expand it to a week so on.  In time, you will simply get into the habit of more positive thinking.

Just remember,  Treat everyone with respect and kindness. Period. No exception. Then, Goodluck.