Things that makes me grateful

Hello everyone, Long time no blog post. I've been very busy recently so I hadn't been able to post anything on my blog. I was planning to do a weekly blog post last month but it didn't turn well because I lost the file I am writing on. Today I am going to discuss what I have been doing for the past few days and that makes me grateful.

Today is the start of my weekly blog post challenge and before I start I am praying and hoping that this challenge turn well until December and I am tagging my friends Martinutootin and Nicole Faller to do their own weekly blog post. 😜 I am excited to read your first entry Yay. Goodluck


Last month I was hired as a Freelance Graphic Designer. I stop accepting client since last year I had a really bad experience in my previous client but It didn't stop me to send application in a different company who are looking for a Freelancer through Luckily someone sent me an email to take an exam and I pass the second exam 

I am grateful to be part of the team for Diet Coaching and I am able to apply my Graphic Design skill without worrying to affect my schedule in my regular job. They are also understandable and I can work anytime as long as I meet the deadlines every task.

In my regular job, I was assigned again to a new project which had a Live Call or what they called it Live Changes (Executive Graphic Designer with Live Changes) Means, we are going to handling a live call from MC to process the Ads Changes.  Btw if you are confused about it, I am currently working as an Executive Graphic Designer base in Manila Philippines and I do create a yellow pages ads. If you are curious about my company I am not going to tell that in my blog, of course for the safety but it is a BPO Company and I had a really nice workplace or the environment, also they are all friendly. 

At first, I was quite hesitant because it has a Live Call close to Call Center job, I know in myself that my communication skills is not that good and I had a problem in pronunciation, I don't have diction as well but our trainer or POC always encourage us not to give up cause we don't choose in this position if we are not fitted.

Our fist week of training goes well and I am excited to have a live call lol. Also, the position is always on a graveyard shift and I don't know what will gonna happen after the two weeks training. Anyways, I am grateful because this is a new opportunity and this makes me improve my communication skills as well.


We celebrate the company summer outing last May 6, 2017, at Republic Wakepark Nuvali and the theme is Wakeup to Coachella. It was an amazing summer outing, we had a music and art festival, I actually I join in watercolor painting, unfortunately, I didn't haha. We also had an acoustic band contest, minute to win it etc.  and the highlights of the outing was wake boarding and these colorful crepe papers. I was grateful to had a summer outing again with my friends and co-worker.


I am the type of person who enjoys a change. Yes, I am definitely aware that I changed. Physically to be exact. People lately, often told me that I GAINED weight and then compliments me that I much look better with it and I am really happy about their comments. But, there are some just other people who always put a bitter taste in every sweet food. People who know nothing but to spread negative vibes in every change. For me, I really don't mind putting extra weight on my body. I love my body the way it is right now. I love my extra love handles, I like how my legs get extra healthier; cause that only means I am living and well-taking care myself more. I hope and wish, that people can really understand and respect every change that I or we choose. Not just do rants and point out every single imperfection he/she might see. I pray for that person personally because I know, they're not living their lives to its fullest. Because if you are, you only see beauty in every person, you appreciate the littlest things.

Things I want to do:

  1. Plan my weekly video uploads.
  2. Plan my schedules for my jobs
  3. Plan my Vacation Leaves.
  4. Practice Watercolor Painting (Back to basic again)
  5. Monthly Budget
  6. Buy a watercolor palette.
  7. Improve my communication skill.
  8. Victory Church
  9. Spend more time with mother earth.
  10. Read more verses.
Song I always repeat in my playlist
  1. Sigurado - UP Dharma Down
  2. Gusto ko (Pagsundo) - UP Dharma Down
  3. Home - Reese Lansangan
  4. For The Fickle - Reese Lansangan
  5. Fresh Eyes - Andy Grammer
What's the highlights of your week? 

There's no happier person than a truly thankful, content person. - Joyce Meyer


  1. Thanks for tagging me sis. I love reading this kind of posts. Ill try to do this one too on my blog :)

    1. You're always welcome sis :* I am really excited to read your post ♥