The BLK Cosmetics released new skincare products and its called FRESH, to be honest BLK breaks my month of less rules this year. I started not buying any makeup products last January 2020 since I got so many products that I haven't use it yet and post a review about it because I've been busy with my personal job. But, today I would like to share a quick review of this newest collection from BLK. The BLK Wondermelon Set composed of 5 products for PHP 1,506.00 with FREE Collagen + Vitamin E Makeup Remover. I bought the Sheet mask separately from Lazada.

I used all BLK products in this photo and I am wearing the Creamy All-Over Paint.


The BLK Fresh Wonder Melon set contains with 3 lippies products, Creamy All-Over Paint in Wondermelon, All-Day Lip and Cheek Tint in Wondermelon and Tinted Lip Balm in Wondermelon. 

Creamy All-Over Paint in Wondermelon PHP 399.00

I love the scent and I really really love the shade, it's very gorgeous and I don't have a shade like this on my collections, it something pinkish but the result on my skin tone is kinda orangy brown and it looks pretty though and perfect shades for every skin type. The consistency is creamy with a bit of water but it really blends very well, I can feel a tiny texture when I blended it onto my lips. Their Creamy All-Over Paint is not long-lasting, it's transferable and base on my experience it didn't even last about an hour, maybe because I always drink water and coffee on my other hand, but It's very light and you can feel it when it dries out on your lips. 
All-Day Lip and Cheek Tint in Wondermelon PHP 329.00

To be honest, I am not a fan of Tint or Cheek tint, I have dry lips and it doesn't look nice when it dries and leaves some stain that looks very awkward on your lips, I would rather prefer a Velvet tint or moose types of tint. This one is nice, the shade is also nice as well,  It gloriously beaches drunk tint and its long-lasting. I would skip this one I don't have a tint on my collections, but maybe I preferred to use it when on the beach to have something on my cheeks. I do really like the scent as well. 

Tinted Lip Balm in Wondermelon PHP 329.00

I'm so in love with the shade and scent, It's a melty balm that rich in moisture, and also has coverage to save your lips from dryness and use as a lippie as well. However I would skip this one because its expensive for the size and I feel like it's not worth my money.  I would prefer the Sweet Lip Duo, I have a review about it here, it compose with 2 items in one product and its worth it, you'll have the exfoliator and balm to keep your lips healthy. However, you can still earn the benefit of this balm because it's tinted. It's really healthy on the lips, looks hydrated, and very lightweight.



Skin-Hydrating Ultra- Fine Mist PHP 449.00

Finally, the BLK has now a mist spray product and I am very excited to have this one. This on-the-go skin hydrator soothes, hydrates, and refreshes skin with a gentle cocktail of peach extracts and hyaluronic acid sealing in moisture for a dewy and gleamy complexion. Spritz all over the face and body as desired to enhance your natural dewy glow and makeup.

I really loved the packaging and its perfect fit on my purse, I love the scent, and in just one spritz and my skin instantly feels refreshed and energized. The fruit-scent of the mist helps the skin appear smoother and brighter at the same time. The price is good and reasonable. 

Collagen + Vitamin E Makeup Removing Wipes PHP 169.00

Wipe and glow. These delicately-scented, skin-saving wipes are soaked in a gentle, alcohol-free formula that sweeps away the day's makeup and grime while also soothing skin—all for a refreshed, bouncy finish.

The scent is so great and affordable and it contains 30 pcs inside the product with Collagen + Vitamin E. It claims that the wipes are gently and effectively removes all makeup and removes waterproof mascara, but it not. This wipe doesn't remove my waterproof mascara when I tested it yesterday but when it comes to removing your makeup it works fine, but I still, I need to use my Banilaco to get rid of all the makeups on my face. But, overall this is like regular wipes with a nice quality and collagen + vitamin E. 

But, I would skip this one as well, I  wanted to limit myself buying makeup wipes remover because I'm trying myself to be into sustainable products, no waste etc. and I would recommend to buy or use balm makeup remover like Banilaco or Micellar liquid makeup remover that really effective on removing makeup. I hope BLK would come up with a similar product. :)  Overall, I still like it and will continue to consume the product but I don't have a plan to buy another one. 

Hydrating + Brightening Glow Face Mask PHP 129.00

watermelon-scented mask made with special natural bamboo fabric. It perfectly fits your skin with zero friction, delivering moisture and nutrients in as little as 15 minutes. 

I am wearing this sheet mask while I'm writing the review. The fabric is very thick, made in bamboo cellulose and it soaks a lot of fluids, which I really like. Yes, I loved sheet mask and I hoard lots of sheet masks. 

This is kinda expensive for me (lumelel ang price sa innesfree) and I am also happy to see local brand releasing a sheet mask products that you can understand what's written at the back of the packaging. YES! usually, we have those Korean and Japanese sheet masks right? and I really feel proud of BLK.

I love this sheet mask, it's very hydrating with brightening glow effect after use, and the fabric is so soft as well. I like how it perfectly fits on my face. I would buy another set of this sheet mask.

Overall, this Fesh collection is really nice and I can say that I enjoy the products, mostly the Mist Spray and Sheet Maks.

Thank you for reading, I hope this helps. 
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