Do All Men Progressively Lose Their Hair?

Do All Men Progressively Lose Their Hair?
Are you one of those lucky men that has a noticeably higher hairline at a young age? Don't worry, there are literally millions of others facing the same struggles. It is not an unusual phenomenon.
The question today is do all men progressively lose their hair? It seems like all men are losing their hair and that most have at least a higher hairline in their old age, assuming they have any hair left at all!
There is actually one specific ailment that causes almost all these hair loss issues by itself. We're going to get into what that is today, as well as answering the above question.
Read on if you would like to know more about hair loss in men!

DHT in Men

DHT is the primary cause of hair loss in men. DHT heads straight for your hair follicles and slowly kills them. At first, the hair follicles will just get a bit weaker and stop growing much hair. If left unchecked, the hair follicle will completely die off and never grow new hair for the rest of your life. Once DHT is in your system it will continue working towards your hair follicles until this occurs.
If left unchecked, most men will find themselves without hair on the major portions of their scalps. Typically, you will still have hair on the sides of your head while the top of your head loses more and more hair. Some men lose all of their hair and are completely bald.
There is no age group for DHT either. It can start as late as 60-70 years or as early as 15. On some rare occasions, women even suffer from DHT!

Some Men are Lucky

As far as we know, DHT is hereditary. If your father or grandfather suffered from DHT, there's an extremely high chance that you will too. That being said, not every man actually suffers from DHT. Some men still have their hair when they're 90 years old. (Though some may still stop growing from other issues)
Typically, you will start seeing the signs of DHT in your 20s or 30s. Sometimes it happens earlier or later than this, but that is the norm.
On the other hand, some people never experience the effects of DHT at all. Every one in ten men (though that ratio appears to be declining) gets off scot-free and keeps his hair for his whole life. So, if you are one of those lucky men, be sure to flaunt your hair as often as you can!

What You can do to Slow the Progress of DHT

The best method for slowing down DHT is by using a DHT-blocking shampoo. DHT-blocking shampoos are designed to keep DHT out of your hair follicles. They cannot destroy DHT, so it will always be there. However, well-blended DHT-blocking shampoos can significantly slow the process.
Instead of losing your hair at 25 years of age, it can be halted until 50, 60, or even older! This is an incredible difference.
Make sure to check the product carefully before buying it. Any product that claims to eliminate DHT is lying and some claim to block DHT when they do not. Check the ingredients of the product and ensure that it has been tested before using it.