Althea A'Bloom Collection launched last month, April 23, 2019, they continue releasing new products from skincare, makeups and now they have cute tools and sheet mask. I'll be discussing my experience using the A'Bloom collection below and to give you a reward by reading this blog post, I'll be giving away two sets of the A'Bloom Collection for two readers.

To give you an idea, these collections are curated with beauty sponges called "Meringue Puff" with two sizes, 3pcs baby meringue puff, and 1 big meringue puff. Four variant of Sheet mask, and Blackhead Blaster.


The Althea A'Bloom Sheet Mask Collections comes in four variant, Water-Me-Long Moisturizing Watermelon Sheet Mask for Dryness and Hydration, Avo-Cuddle-Me Nourishing Avocado for Anti-aging wrinkles. Sparkle-Me-Bright, a brightening Lemon Lime Sheet Mask to even skin tone and

The sheet mask is made out of 100% natural ingredients and eco-friendly, rich with fruits essence that helps regulate the skin's pH level and protect barrier for radiant glowing skin. One sheet mask contains 25g with high concentrated moisture.

All sheet mask provides moisture and brightening, what I really love about this mask is, it doesn't feel sticky once dried on your face compared to other sheet masks I have tried.

1. Gently clean your skin with toner after washing the face. 
2. Open the pouch and remove the film, then apply the sheet mask on face properly and leave it for 10-20 minutes. 
3. Take off the mask and gently pat the residue essence until fully absorbed.


The Althea BHA Blackhead Blaster is made for blackhead and whiteheads painless remover with Natural BHA sticks. It can be used to apply on your oily part of your skin to gives you a  cleanse skin and exfoliate.

The products have tea tree lea oil, Charcoal by absorbing dirt while applying in a circular motion and white willow for your dead skin cell. The consistency is a slightly smooth cream and waxy, it felt so cool to once you applied it onto your nose, also the packaging is nice and you will feel like you are using a stick foundation. 

To be honest, I have large pores and one a month I went to my derma to have a facial treatment with blackheads removal, I know it hurts and makes my cheek and nose looks manas after the treatment.  I

Does the BHA Blackhead Blaster work? YES! just follow the suggested directions for the instant result. The blackhead Blaster removes my blackheads, smooth and well exfoliates my skin. I love the stick comes with a transparent cap to protect the products from the dirt. I used the products twice a week and so far I didn't find any irritation, it safe and it's good for all skin type. What I love about this product is able to help me cleanse my T-zone area especially on my nose and cheeks where all my pores and blackhead are living lol. The painless claims are true, I highly recommend this product because you don't need to use a painful tool or your fingers to remove blackheads. 

Since this product is made as a scrub, I don't recommend this to you use in other parts of your body while using into your face, it feels unhygienic.   

1. Gently massage in a circular motion to release trapped oil and dirt.
2. Rinse off with lukewarm water


A pack of three irresistibly sweet and versatile puffs to use dry or wet. These Multi-angle puff are made to use as a sponge for applying makeup, promise to provide precise makeup, instant coverage, and blend effortlessly for a flawless finish. The meringue puff comes in 2 sizes Baby Meringue and Mother Meringue, just kidding it was named as Giant Meringue :) These tools are made of latex-free and non-toxic materials, so it safe for all skin type. I used the giant meringue puff when applying makeup for my entire face, the puff is smooth and can blend the foundation very well. 

Use wet or dry for a different effect, soak in the water before applying the makeup, It expands to 1.5x from its actual size to get the perfect matte finish. The Narrow part can use for detail makeup such as eyes, nose, lip and curved parts of the face. for the bottom part which the wide is you can use it for the overall application. 

Overall, I liked these collections, easy to use and applicable for beginners. I highly recommend these products, because it's affordable and their skincare is effective for all skin types. 

These products are both available at  Althe Korea Exclusive sections products
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