The last roll on type lip & cheek tint I have used was the KJM Bittersweet Magenta and that was given to me by a friend. This time I'll be sharing a quick review about YORS Collections Organic-Vegan Lip & Cheek Gel Tint. They send me one of their Lip & Cheek in the shade Popular Peach. They have 5 shades on their first collections, Mystery Maroon, Fleecy Pink, Popular Peach, Blunt Nude and Intense Dark.

Before I forget, this is a local and a startup brand made in the Philippines, so you'll find them selling Lip & Cheek Tin and Perfumes on their social media. #LetSupportLocalBrands Also, their products are Organic and Vegan which is true, Paraben-Free. Cruelty-Free and Sulfate Free. 

Let's talk about the packaging, its simple roll on type of Tint, retail price is 180 pesos for 10mL. Upon application, the consistency is watery and its give moisturize on the lips while setting it on the lips I feel the semi-matte effect but doesn't dry. I love the scent and flavor of this Tint, its taste of a fruity lollipop, which nice because this tint has a fruity and vegetables extract. 

What I love about this Lip & Cheek is the taste and it stays longer even if I drink more water. The pigment will fade but it remains a stain. I also love how it moisture my lips and the organic-vegan claim is very important for me because it's healthy, not just on the lips but for all the benefits you'll get on the organic products. I have dry lips and whenever I use tint, it cracks my lips the day after, but this one is not, it dries a little after a long wearing but its different from another brand I used. 

Popular Peach - Is an orangey shade, the shade that I don't like and not my style. But whenever I glide it, It looks really natural on my cheeks and lips and subtly brightens my complexion, so I said it to my self she got me a perfect shade, which I really love. Also, the product is blendable so you can add more if you want a strong pigment.

The only downside I saw is the cup of the tube is not aligned hehe, maybe because of the courier but the packaging is in the good quality. Overall I have a good experienced with this tint. I am recommending this if you are on a budget, organic lover and dual-purpose products.

Here are my looks the day I tried the YORS Collections Organic-Vegan Lip & Cheek Gel Tint. My best friend also like this tint and wanted to try the other shades mostly their perfumes. A very perfect product for everyday routine if your aim for natural looks.

Where to buy?
Instagram: @yorscollection
Facebook: @yorscollection

Do you want me to try the other shades? What do you think?
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  2. Yes, super busy with my work. Thank you for always staying here :) I'll catch up soon.