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This month Avon Philippines come out with their new cosmetics called Mark or Mark by Avon. Before I planned to buy their products I watch some of my favorites bloggers who had an opportunities to visit Shanghai for Avon Beauty Insider. I am really interested in Mark Epic Lipstick and I told my mom to get me one once Its already came out this month. Luckily she got me 3 shades and one eyeshadow palette which I have made another blog review for that. 

As of the moment, there are 11 shades available in the brochure and online store for Mark Epic Lipstick, retail price is 389.00 Pesos for 3.6 g and I got mine for 199.00 Pesos only. If you are planning to try this lipstick, grab yours now until the end of the sale. The products claim to be the First lipstick with built-in primer. More color pay-off coverslips with pigment-packed color. Smooth color in 1 swipe. Glides on smoothly and evenly. The color that lasts. Impactful color. Stays put for hours.

E15 - Rosy Outlook, E11 - Blushing Beauty, E03 - Extreme Mauve

The reason why I am interested in these lipsticks is because of Extreme Mauve, this is the type of shade I am comfortable to wear and match on my skin tone, But I need to add more to avail the FREE pouch hihi. To my surprise, I didn't expect to love these nude lipsticks and I am happy with the shades I pick.

E11 - Blushing Beauty

This one is kind of Nude Pink Shade and this is one of my favorite among these 3 shades. Blushing Beauty is beautiful on morena skin tone like me. I always avoid nude shade because it makes me look pale wearing it but this one, I promise you, this one is perfect for every day and awra day.

E03 - Extreme Mauve

My always kind of shade. Why? Well, my photo here is not perfect but in reality, whenever I wear a shade like this, I always got a compliment.  Extreme Mauve is beautiful in any skin type, I always feel fresh and feminine wearing this kind of shades. Perfect for your everyday routine.
E15 - Rosy Outlook
You will notice my pugad of pores here haha because I forget to apply a primer. As you may see, I look very sleepy but who cares! I love this shade, a very simple nude shade I can keep on, as I mentioned above I avoid and don't use nude because it makes me look pale, but this one blends on my skin tone and makes me look natural and fresh. Perfect on bridal or attending some events with pastel theme.

Avon Mark Epic Lipstick Review

Packaging is simple from the box,  color black and it has a mark logo and other details side by side. From the lipstick packaging it's very simple as well and minimal, you will definitely recognize the Avon lipstick and it has a mark seamless logo on the top. Once you saw the lipstick you will see the mark logo embossed on the product itself which is uniquely made by Avon.

What I love about the Mark Epic Lipsticks is; I love the simplicity of the product, lightweight, secured and very on point. I love how the product moisturizes my lips from the built-in primer. I don't usually apply primer on my lips but I think I don't need it anymore because of this lipsticks. I love how it doesn't chop and dry my lips throughout the day. This lipstick doesn't claim to have a long-wearing and transfer proof. So, it depends on your lipstick routine and how you take care your lips the whole day. 

The only downside I have noticed on Avon lipsticks is that it is very oily and shiny on the lips. What I did is pat a tissue paper on my lips after using the lipstick to lessen the oiliness and make it look semi-matte. 

Overall, I love these 3 shades and I am happy I get this on sale. Have you ever tried the Mark by Avon? Let me know your experience. 

Available at:
June 2018 Brochure
I am not sure if its available on Avon stall.

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