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Today is the 1st day of December 2017 and I'm finally getting round to starting my Blogmas posts. Also, it's my birth month and I wanted to do this not just for my blog but for myself, I have been planning to do a lot of blog and vlog entries but didn't make it because of schedule as usual. So this blogmas post more like about me, personal growth and experience. Also, something that I can share with you for the next day.

Today's post is 15 Facts about me, I don't know who is interested in me but I was tagged by a friend on Instagram to do this challenge and why not doing it on my blog too. By the way, my name is Princess and...
  • I was born in Bicol Province, December 24, 1988. I am now turning on my 29 years old of my life.  My gosh
  • I finished my Bachelor Degree BSIT last 2014 at Colegio de San Pedro.  I also took BS Nursing but I wasn't able to finish due to financial problem.
  • I am a Graphic Designer for almost 5 years. Still in counting.
  • I  resigned in my previous company and grab this "home-based job" because it's more convenient and has a better salary. 
  • I work at night. I sleep in daylight lol.
  • I have my 10 years relationship with my boyfriend. 
  • I only have one best friend her name is Hazel De mesa.
  • I love Zombie's movies. I love watching Science, Planets, Univers, Time, Space, Mysteries. I like astronaut @astro2fish.
  • I like playing online/offline games, watching anime and doing art session with my friends.
  • I love staying at home and bonding with my computer, parents every day, you won't find me partying, doing crazy at night, and also I am not a fan of alcohol.
  • I have a strong personality and have this "Masungit" look. 
  • I have been bullied, experienced fake friends, users, backstabbers, judgment and these made me stronger and careful on selecting people in my life and also who am I trust.
  • I love my friends, I spoil them with loves.
  • Despite being "Masungit" I am soft and you can find me easy to talk.
  • I love coffee, sweet and bitter foods. 
  • I am not a fan of books, but I love reading.
So that's it. If you found this post interesting, you can follow me on my social media and let us be friends. I will do my best to keep on posting blogmas because it's really fun and makes me busy.

If you plan to do this kind of post, do it now. I would really love to read you blogmas too and other posts, leave your website below.



  1. Yay! You compromised and did 16 instead of 10! :D Winner ka talaga!!