I was invited to experience the first Vlogging Workshop of SampleRoom PH, last Saturday, September 16, 2017 at Green Sun Hotel, Makati City. It was an amazing experience as a first time and small time blogger like me who wants to turn my channel into vlogging not just reviewing products. I have met few bloggers and gained friends who share same fashion and interest.

The Workshop started at 1:30 p.m hosted by a pretty lady, I do apologize, I forget to get her name an took a photo with her, she's so energetic and I like the way she talk. I am always inspired to those who have a beautiful voice because I don't have that talent. lol She's also a You-tuber. I like what she did after the event :) hihi. If you saw her you know what I mean. The first speaker of the event was Genzel Habab, followed by Say Tioco they are both beauty blogger/Vlogger, and the last speaker was Rhea Bue shes a Travel Vlogger. I've learned a lot of Tips from them about Vlogging. 

The event set-up filled of Parian vibes and very instagrammable. This is what SampleRoom Ph themes when I saw before in their website. 

Ofcourse, I am with Nicole Faller who is my first blogger friend and I met kat, she's a fashion and lifestyle blogger. BTW Some photos are credit to @iamnicolefaller.

Genzelaces, She's one of the beauty blogger I followed when I start my own blog. I am just a fan of her and readers. She's one of the women who I am inspired to do a beauty blog and inspire me to have a confident of our own beauty. She's so very approachable and easy to talk with. If you know me, I am a shy type of person I am afraid of rejection from approaching someone, but she's so kind and beautiful inside and out. I love this girl so much and I am always her #PrettiesSquad

Say Tioco, Is one of the of the person I look up when it comes to beauty and lifestyle vlogging. She's so feminien and easy to approached. A very nice and powerful  women who are truelly an inspiration to me.

Ofcourse, FOOD. You can't go anywhere without food and coffee as well, I love their coffee, and they have a nice and delicious snacks presentation.

What I've learned from the event and speakers. You don't need a high end equipment when starting vloggingg or blogging, all you need is your phone if you want to continue your hobbies and yourself, your true and real you. Being yourself is the best equipment for creating an original content. Don't mind people who have negative thought on you and always see the positive side. The real purposet of the workshop is your Confidence. Always be confidence in every way in yourself beacuse you are always beautiful and shine whatever people said to you.

These are the items that I got from SampleRoom Vlogging Workshop, thank you so much again and for these goodies. Ofcourse, reviews will be upload here in my blog. The Gooriila Tripod was the higlights of these goodies ofcourse the topic is Vlogging Workshop. 

Event Sponsors: Happy Skin, Fuji Film, Belo Essentials, Ponds, and DentisteKiss.

Have you attended the #SRVloggingWorkshop? Tell me youre experience in comment box below.
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  1. Friendship!! You're so blessed that you've been invited to this kind of event. I remember the behind stories you've told me regarding to this. And Yeah It's God's will that you have to witness this workshop coz God knows your passion in life. And again Congrats. More power! Lovesyou

    1. Thank you mu friend. You always be my number one supporter talaga hehe :*