Hi everyone, I'll be sharing my very first-time subscription beauty box, last month I decided to avail the Starter Plan or 3 months box subscription offered by Saladbox PH and it cost me ₱ 1,800 including the shipping fee. The reason why I purchased it because of some of my blogger friends or I followed on Instagram are posting their Saladbox subscription with Benefit and Mary Kay products and that would be last March and April 2017. Since I already purchase the subscription box I am expecting to receive a make-ups lol.  I was really excited because of benefits and Mary Kay.

Honestly, I was kinda hesitant to try the subscription box because I don't want to experience not liking the products if you don't know what will be the next beauty brand they will send you but, Saladbox PH posting a hint on their Instagram account so, you already had an idea what brand would you expect for the next month box.

If you don't have an idea about Saladbox PH, it is an online subscription box base in the Philippines wherein you can browse beauty products and they offer monthly subscription box of surprise on what you will get. You can go to their website if you want more information. 

So what I got from Saladbox for the month of May 2017 are VMV Hypoallergenic products. To be honest, I am not familiar with the brands and I am not sure if I'm gonna use it cause I am still using the Esfolio PH Korean skincare, and I am expecting to receive a makeup lol as I wrote earlier maybe, if you want me to giveaway these products let me know, just comment on my Instagram post. Overall the products are great, even if I didn't try already I read a lot of good reviews about VMV Hypo. I am just a little bit disappointing, I hope the next box will be a more exciting. If you are asking me if I would still continue my subscription in Saladbox PH, I can't answer yet until the end of my subs box, Well see.

What inside the box:
  • VMV Hypoallergenic Hydra Balance Smart Moisturizer 30mL
  • VMV Hypoallergenic Essense Hand + Body Smoother 10mL
  • VMV Hypoallergenic Armada Sunscreen Sample size
  • VMV Hypoallergenic 25% Coupon.
  • Saladbox PH Card.
  • Cute Packaging of the box.
  • Affordable price for 3 months subscription + free shipping.
  • Good Products.
  • They don't notify you if the box is already shipped or delay.
  • I am relying on the Instagram updates only and I am expecting for the newsletter email.
  • Replies usually take days.
  • The products are samples or travel sizes. 
  • I paid my subscription box one month before May and I received my box second of June 2017.
  • Lack of communicating in terms of shipping the products. 
Okay, for me it doesn't matter if my box will be delayed as long as the communication is there and I am updated with my purchased items.

Have you already tried Saladbox? Let me know and comment down below. My next target is BDJ Box.