Hello Pretties, my name is Princess from South, Bacoor Cavite City. I work as a Graphic Designer for almost 6 years and I studied Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. I resigned on my previous company last year to continue working at home. So I am certified #HomeBaseGirl. 

I'm not good at everything at all, but I believe in diligence and patient to achieve your goal and dreams. I love learning new things by myself or via google, but also from my colleagues :) I always dream, that someday I  can do a design for a billboard ADS in EDSA. lol.

Want to work with me? Email: princessperalta024@gmail.com


I'm combining my passion in arts to my hobby so you may see this blog including my design works. But in the main blog is more on beauty and for the subdomain is my Portfolios.

Little Cessang is a TOP Pilipina Beauty Blogger. She's just an ordinary woman who loves to blog about beauty, skincare, Daily Life, and Routines. She's a makeup enthusiast and she did this blog to write her personal growth and speak up for herself without anyone's judgment. 

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