Hello! My name is Princess - beauty, life and travel blogger. I am 28 years old lives in Cavite Philippines.I am graduated as Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BSIT). Currently working as Executive Graphic Designer.

She love everything in her family. She love's GOD. She is a Christian. She love's her best friend.  She love herself. She love her boyfriend.


Skin Type: Normal to dry mostly; oily & normal to combination  

Skin Tone:  Natural, Beige, Nude
Medium Brown

Cameras: I used my Phone (Samsung Galaxy J5) 
Lighting: Fluorescent, Natural Lightning
Software: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas Pro
Application: VSCO, Afterligt

Little Cessang – is a blog about Life & style, beauty reviews, travel and any related on my field. It is my own personal space on the web. I started blogging way back 2008 but I stopped and been addicted to online games. I decided to come back last year but I accidentally deleted my blog in tumblr. I used Tabulas & Tumblr.
Since I started my Youtube Channel last year 2016, I planned to create my own personal blog in blogspot. I used my name as domain in this blog.

Cessang is a name I came up when I was thinking of a name for my blog and it’s related on me. People who are close to me used to call me “Ate Cessang” the founder of my nickname was my mother, she’s always called me “Sisa” or “Sisang” it’s come from my name “Prin-cessang” My mother has an intonation/diction of visaya language because our province is Bicol, Bulan Sorsogon. I love everything that can make a person beautiful inside and out, please expect me to post beauty review, life and travel in this blog.


Everything you see on Little Cessang was created by me.  All the things that are published in this blog are based on my own honest opinions and experienced. I am only a makeup enthusiast and traveler, also blogging is my passion. Therefore, if I wrote some items or products that didn't work for me, it doesn't mean that it can or might not work for anybody else. Please remember that my products reviews and first impressions are not meant to attack, destroy or ridicule certain products. I just wanted to share my opinions to my readers.

While providing you my own honest thoughts & opinion about certain products, I also like to take time to do further research about them in order to provide accurate information. 

Though every precautionary measure is taken before each entry is published, please consider everything with discretion before applying any decisions based on the information you've picked up from this blog. Little Cessang will not be liable in any way whatsoever if you ever happen to suffer any inconvenience for making use of the information in this blog. Also, most of the products that are being reviewed are purchased with my own money, unless otherwise stated.

From – This is my personal blog all photos and watermark are taken and owned by Little Cessang (Me) unless otherwise stated.  You are not allowed to use, remove my watermark without any permission by Little Cessang.  Should you wish to use any of images and posted in this blog please contact me first and indicate the website where you would like to post my images.

Little Cessang is always welcome for collaboration.

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