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I can still remember when I started blogging way back 2008 with my college friends. That blog is all about myself and online diaries until I decided to write about beauty and reviewing products. Last month, April 29, 2018, is my blog anniversary and I want to congratulate myself for being productive and continue this small beauty blog of mine even if I am too busy on my personal job. I also wanted to give back the features and achievement I have earned this year for my blog. 

Happy 1st Anniversary 

I don't want to make this post long, I can do a separate drama blog post soon hehe. I just want to focus on the giveaway since this is super late na. This giveaway is not sponsored, I got these products from my own stash and money. I'll be choosing 3 winners for this giveaway and you will be receiving a different set of the product.

SET 1: Korean Cosmetics Start-up 

YADA White Boosting Toner:  1294.00
W.B W-Snow Water Cushion: 1565.88
MILKY DRESS Barbie Make Color Pop Tint: 390.00
LANEIGE Water Bank Mineral Mist:  1,820.00
Holika-Holika Lazy & Joy Egg Bun Puff:  150.00
2358 Eyelash Curler: 99.00

SET 2: Peripera Luggage Set (Yellow) + Mini Bag

Club Clio Peripera Luggage Set (Yellow): 1088.00 
(Bought this from Althea)

SET 3:  BLK Cosmetics Starter-kit in Cutie Pink  997.00
Bought a 2 set of this last month and I already have a review about this starter kit.

To join, please COMPLETE all the instructions in the Rafflecopter below:
Giveaway is open to Philippine Residents only until June 30, 2018
I will announce the winners on my pages days after that and will update you on my Instagram stories. Goodluck :)


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I wasn't able to complete the Summer Romance Collection because all I need are these colors. A short story; After discovering GirlStuff and Solique I go crazy and obsessed with their polish (very short lol). Today's post I'll be sharing the "Color my Nails" Session with these newest collections.

This collection comes in different shades and I got mine in BAEwatch (Pink) Beach Babe (Teal)  and  Away from it All (Yellow). If you want to know the other shade you can visit their website. Girlstuff I also bought the fast dry and glitter top coat.

Beach Babe (Light Teal) is a cool combination of blue and yellow livened up with a shot of white. One of my favorite shade, very pigmented and opaque. I can wear this for a month. This kind of shade is my go-to and holy grail.

BAEwatch (Peach) The dreamiest mix of white, yellow, and red, is a flirty cotton candy shade in light peach. which gives you a girly girl looks.

(Photo was accidentally deleted, will attach soon :) )
Away From it All (Light Yellow) I thought this shade is part of the summer collection, I wish it could be. I love this kind of shade, though its very light from what I expected on from the photo but the color is opaque and very noticeable. I really love how this shade mixed on my morena skin.

Oopsie Daisies If you are looking for nail details, glitters, sprinkles I would recommend this brand. The design is very unique and budget-friendly. This one of my favorite details after Cosmos. This one is very playful and can match in any light shade you have. 


Girlstuff Nail Polish Review

What I love about their polish; you can easily form a line on the shape of the bottle which is very unique style and not clattered on your organizer. The size is enough for the price and if you are like me who is always bring a nail polish whenever I go travel this is really perfect for you. The brush is fine, just flat brush and only take one stroke to complete and can reach the smallest corner of your nails. I love the formula of their nail polish, it's not too ticky, a mild scent which I love. (for some reason I love the polish scent and this brand give me a satisfying feeling whenever I smell it. SoParang adik lang ba) Lol. Also, as I tested and used their polish every day I can assure you that these polishes are very long lasting. It is really different from other brands.

I love their glitter polishes, very unique designs and suitable for any skin type. By the way, I am morena so my hands are not mistisa, but what I wanted to say is that whenever I wore their nail polish I always got a compliment from the colors I choose and glitter I mixed on  it and a nice skin tone outcome. Means, these polishes doesn't give you a darken hand whichever colors you pick.

What I love the most is the quality, safety of the polish and budget friendly. Their polish doesn't contain 5 harmful chemicals commonly found in other polish; Toluene, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde resin, and camphor. It also doesn't cause any damage and yellowing usually caused by formaldehyde-infused nail polish. 

Visit Girlstuff for more info.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored nor paid. I give my 100% honest review and experienced for this brand and the quality of the products, I bought different shades and tested it out for a month before posting this review. I believe if you are getting a good quality more than what you paid for, it will have a positive outcome. 


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When I saw the Launched of L'Oreal Lash Paradise Mascara on social media, I told myself to get one and when officially announced it on Lazada I immediately grab one. Original price is 500 pesos ($10) and I got it on Sale for only 400 Pesos.

The lashes claim to voluptuous volume & lush length with ultra sensorial application to fulfill you lash desire. With smooth glide formula that provides easy volume in one coat, intense at the gaze soft touch.

The Before and After using the LO'real Lash Paradise Mascara

I am not a mascara fan, I don't have any until I got one from Althea and started using it. I don't like the thing of removing a super sticky mascara before going to bed it really wasting time for me. Until I noticed that it has a big impact on the face, mostly on your eyes. 

Let's talk about the packaging, it comes with rose gold? I'm not sure but the vibe and color of the packaging are perfect for you "flatly" and rose gold collections. It has a gold line with L'Oreal logo on the tube. The bristles are more than 200 so it can reach every inch of your lashes, also the bristles are very soft.

For the formula and consistency, it will give you a very smooth in just one glide, a lightweight and waterproof mascara that can last 24hrs of wearing. Using this the whole day doesn't feel you wearing a mascara but provide volumized lashes throughout the day. I've worn this during our family outing, it doesn't smudge on the eye. 

Overall, I love the mascara, I love how it easy to remove using micellar oil makeup remover. I love how it feels really lightweight and helps my lashes more define and volumized. I don't regret buying this product.

This is available on Lazada for 500 Pesos 
 Visit the L'Oreal Philippines for more information.
 website here Facebook account here.


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Annyeong! I have been a fan of this brand since starter or launched their product and if you know me I am also a fan of K-Beauty products, most of my makeups are Korean brands. Today's review is about BLK Cosmetics K-Beauty Collections. I bought this starter kit at Lazada when they have a sale. Original price per Starter Kit is around 997 Pesos and I got mine in 800+ Php.  

I choose the K-Beauty Starter Kit Cutie Pink, which comes in three products inside the box, CC Cream Stick, Intense Color Liquid EyeshadowAll Day and Lip and Cheek Water Tint Cherry as well as the cute stickers. Since we've seen Ann's that she's been addicted to Korean drama and this collection is inspired by Korean cosmetics. 

BLK Cosmetics + CC Cream Stick comes in three shades. 495Pph

Since I bought it from Lazada during Sale, I was really surprised to get the exact shade (Light Beige) The packaging comes in a black plastic and light blue line. The stick has a double purpose, on each end, it has a brush and foundation itself. 
The brush is nice, small and soft. You will feel fine with using it but I totally didn't use it. For some reason, the foundation fades while using this brush, there's something on the brush. I am not sure what is it but, I used my damp sponge to apply the foundation instead.

For the foundation, as I mentioned above I got the exact shade and I am loving it. A very first foundation I have tried and matched my skin tone. It has a very lightweight but not tacky at all. Upon application, you will feel the creaminess of the liquid foundation. You can build up from medium to full coverage, it does cover my dark spot at the same time. The stick mixed with foundation and BB Cream.

This BB Cream doesn't promise to control oil since they aiming for dewy or  Korean looks, I love how it gives me a shine and natural looking throughout the day. I used my Oil control primer to lessen the oiliness of my skin which I achieved while using this BB Cream. If you have a prone to acne skin make sure to use a concealer. Overall, I will definitely used and keep this BB Cream as one of my favorite this month.

BLK Cosmetics - Intense Color Liquid Eyeshadow Goergeous 299.00 Php

My newest addition to this collection. I haven't use a liquid eyeshadow before and this one has double purpose you can actually use this as a contour since this is a matte neutral and you can easily blend it. The consistency kind of sticky but once it applied blend you won't feel the tackiness on your skin. 

This liquid Eyeshadow comes in four shades, I love you, Hello, Cute, and Georgeous which I have now. This can be used as alone eyeshadow if you want to have a simple look in your eyes. The packaging is cute and really small, for the price is kind of expensive for me because of the size but the performance itself are nice and I love it.

As per BLK, The lightweight formula glides seamlessly on the lids and dries down to a smooth, budge-proof finish. Minimum effort, maximum impact! 

BLK Cosmetics All Day Lip and Cheek Water Tint Cherry Review 249.00 Php

Most of the products inside the Start kit I am excited about All Day Lip and Cheek Water Tint Pink since I saw a lot of good review about this product. The doe foot applicator is bendable and has a different shape from other brands. A small dab is enough to have a color on your cheek or lips. But, I always go for adding a lot until I am satisfied. 

If you ask me about the longevity, it doesn't work on me since I do drink a lot of water every day. What I did is, after applying the lip and cheek on my lip, I'll add a small amount of lipstick to support the tint and make it long lasting. But, If I go for a natural look, I just used it alone throughout the day.  Price is reasonable and affordable for students, and I think you can consume it for about one month depends on how every day you use lip tint.

Overall, this water tint is different from other brands I have tried, you will see it more sticky on the bottle but once it applied, the consistency is really water and easy to blend. This kind of tint gives you a healthier and natural lip look. I am happy with the performance and pigmentation. What I don't really like is that the when I got this from Lazada, the bottle holder is already cracked (I noticed it late) to the point that the tint has spread out inside my bag and stain my things and other makeups. I always experienced this when I ordered from Lazada. I hope they improve their packaging. 

Overall, I can see that they're improved in terms of product performance and packaging as well. I love this collection and I will continue to support this brand with my own money. I love Anne Curtis and her line, I will definitely purchase the other k-beauty and try it with an honest review. I hope they come up a different and nice brush in the future. This collection, I used during our summer vacation and I love it.

Let me know you're experienced if you already tried this collection. Comment below :)


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